Explain the first stage of setting up an assessment system – conducting job analysis

You are asked to present a briefing paper to a client, explaining how to set up a psychologically sound selection programme from the job analysis stage to the implementation and application of appropriate selection methods. In recommending to the client which selection method(s) to choose, you are asked to concentrate on critically appraising the relative strengths and weaknesses of three assessment methods for selecting personnel within the contemporary workplace. You must assume that your client is devising a programme to select new graduates as part of a large scale, multi- stage
process. You may also wish to suggest how the programme may fit into the organisation’s agenda with regards to developing and retaining talent beyond the selection stage (performance appraisal and career development).
How to structure your report
Your Briefing Report must follow the following format:

  • Professionally presented Title Page, deemed suitable for a client.
  • You must include your word count for the document here (not including abstract, appendix and references)
  • Abstract (no more than 200 words)
  • Main Text – organised as appropriate with key headings used to structure the report
  • Recommendations
  • Cautionary Notes
  • Conclusion
  • References – these must be correct both in text and in the final references list.
    You have to include at least 15 academic references. Manually check your references, as automatic reference generators are not fool- proof. Ensure a consistent format throughout.