Explain Rulemaking Power


The rulemaking power of administrative agencies can be implemented in varied ways. For this assignment, assume you are a graduate student who just completed an internship with a federal agency. As you conclude your internship, your graduate faculty member has asked you to convey the importance of balancing the public interest with individual liberties in rulemaking.

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Explain Rulemaking Power
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Prepare a PowerPoint Presentation and record a 3 to 4-minute video lecture.  You may prepare the video using Kaltura or another video recording software. Be sure to address the following:

· Assess the role that agency rulemaking plays in regulating society.

· Explain the steps in formal rulemaking and explain how they are integrated.

· Determine the differences between formal and other forms of rulemaking, and then determine why these differences matter.

Select one formal rulemaking example within the last five years of interest to you and depict how that rulemaking example played an important role in responding to that event.