Explain and critically analyze the model of servant leadership

Leadership Assignment

1 A) Explain and critically analyse the model of servant leadership, using practical examples where appropriate. (Maximum Word Count = 1000 words)

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Explain and critically analyze the model of servant leadership
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  1. B) Considering the strengths and weaknesses of servant leadership and in particular whether the removal of ‘competition’ in the workplace is positive. (Maximum Word Count = 500 words


Question 2 ‘Women are more effective than men in leading the modern organizations’. Discuss. (Maximum Word Count = 1500 words)


Question 3 Explain the theme of ethical behaviour through contemporary leadership models and discuss its importance in leaders being successful. (Maximum Word Count = 1000 words)


Question 4 A) Detail the modern relevance of Trait theory in leadership studies (if any), in particular in the context of charismatic leadership. (Maximum Word Count = 1200 words)

  1. B) Explain whether trait theory can be used in the workplace to understand or develop leadership functions. (Maximum Word Count = 300 words) (20 marks)


Question 5 The prevalence of the ‘virtual’ team and home and remote working means that national cultural behaviours are less relevant to leaders. Discuss. (Maximum Word Count = 1500 words)


Question 6)Critically evaluate as why it would be more difficult to execute and sustain a transformational rather than a transactional leadership style? (Maximum Word Count = 1500 words)


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