Experiential Psychology Project or EEPs:

The Experiential Psychological Project or EEPs is an “experiential learning” assignment in which the student will diagnose a movie character, with a diagnosis that was discussed in class or in the text. This assignment includes but not limited to:
: A full explanation of why the student believes the diagnosis is accurate for the character.

: Proof (as you define it) to why this character has said diagnosis, which includes examples of behavior, root causes for said diagnosis, symptoms and define the diagnosis.

: Answer all the “W” questions: who, what, when, where and why.

: Answer the “A, B, C’s”: Affect or emotion, Behavior and Cognition

This typed paper will be formatted as a regular English 1101 style or MLA.
Choose from this list of movies only:

* A Streetcar Named Desire – 1951
* One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest – 1975
* Ordinary People – 1980
* Rain Man – 1988
* Jacob’s Ladder – 1990
* When Friendship Kills – 1996
* The Aviator – 2004
* 28 Days – 2000
* A Separation – 2011
* The Hours – 2013

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