Evidence Base Practice of a Licensed Nurse

DIRECTIONS for the Research Paper
You may write your Research Paper about any topic that is of interest to you.
Most often, students write about a subject that affects their future profession
or an individual that is a key figure to their future profession. However, you
may select some other topic of interest.

A minimum of THREE of your FIVE required sources for your Research Paper
MUST come from the library databases. Other sources must come from or
reputable web site or another reputable academic source. Absolutely no
sources my come from wikipedia, schmoop, etc.
 Your paper must be at least 4+ full pages, not to exceed 8 pages.
 Your Works Cited page will follow after the 4+ page research paper
 You must have a minimum of 5 sources that are used and/or referenced
within the body of your paper.
 Every BODY paragraph of your paper must have at least one direct
 Your paper is to be written in MLA format. Follow the format that is
used in the sample papers that were provided. When in doubt, use the
MLA regulations.

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