Event Reviews


This is a Youtube(Event) Review.

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Event Reviews
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The instruction is below.

We only need to do review according to the instruction, and the object is the YouTube link.

Please keep in mind that this is an English course.

Need 300+ words. Do not forget any citations.

Thank you.

Event Reviews:
For this assignment, we need to ONLY choose the YOUTUBE video as our event.

A college education is about more than just taking classes, whether face-to-face or on line. To
foster a collegial atmosphere, students are required to attend campus events during the semester. Some students enrolled in online courses attend other classes on campus and have no difficulty
attending campus events. Other students are fully online and are unable to attend campus events. Therefore, those who can and care to may attend three campus lectures, plays, movies, sports
events, and so on. Truly “distance” students (and other online students who prefer this option)
may choose three from among these online options: LSC-Kingwood Theatre performances at
or a presentation from the Kingwood Speaker’s Series may also be used to fulfill this
assignment. Choose three events (total) from the three options (one for each event assignment), watch, write
a 300-400 word evaluation of the video or live event including the title of the event, the presenter, the date attended or viewed, an overview of the content or performance, and whether you would
recommend the event to others.