Evaluate and synthesize news and media coverage or investigative reports

This assignment asks you to evaluate and synthesize news and media coverage or investigative reports on a significant event, figure, group, or trend in contemporary South Asia in short essay.
-Length: 2-3 pages (double-spaced, margins between 0.5 and 1 inch, standard 12-pt. font)
-Content: Synthesize multiple news sources to provide a summary of an event or trend from sometime in the last decade or so that was or is significant in one or multiple South Asian nation-state or regions, or current among South Asian diasporic communities outside of South Asia. Should include discussion of debates on or different presentations about the topic in sources (with some consideration of implications of these differences). Be sure also to include at least a brief discussion of how the topic is shaped by historical contexts and themes we have studied in class (for example: political or economic trends or shifts, social or legal dynamics). Use very brief quotations from sources and paraphrase, but include citations where you are drawing information from a source. This assignment does not need to have an argument, but should provide a clear summary in neutral language, and the sections on debates/different accounts and historical context should reflect your analysis of the sources and context. The paper should be organized – introduction, presentation of material, brief conclusion – in a clear and obvious way, and should be comprehensible and accessible to someone not already familiar with the topic or events you discuss.
-Sources: Use at least 5 different news reports (usually newspaper, news magazine, or news website) on your topic, at least 2 published in South Asia. See the list, links, and suggestions on locating sources on Blackboard under assignments. You can include news articles assigned for class among your sources if relevant. You need not include scholarly sources in this assignment (at most a brief reference for context).
-References: Include weblinks and publication information (name of news source, place of publication & publisher, date) for news reports in bibliography/works cited page. Follow a consistent citation format. The usual academic honesty standards apply (quote or cite all language or information taken from sources).

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Evaluate and synthesize news and media coverage or investigative reports
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