Ethics, Social Responsibility, and Sustainability efforts/practices

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Company name NVIDIa

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Ethics, Social Responsibility, and Sustainability efforts/practices
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you are asked to identify information on your companies’ Ethics, Social Responsibility, and Sustainability efforts/practices. Please use the slides for CH 3(file uploaded below) to figure out which concepts to cover. You may also add concepts yourselves, if you come across some in your data collection.

In this presentation, you should put emphasis on data collection. Where do you find the data you present? Does your company have a ‘Code of Conducts’, ‘Sustainability Reports’ etc.? So that when you present for us you can document where your information comes from.

For the data analysis, you should ideally compare your data to the industry standard on the various concepts, e.g. sustainability or bribery, so that you can figure out whether your company is doing to, above or below the industry standard. As this can be difficult and time-consuming, I don’t ask you to do a full and systematic analysis. However, if you can find anything, please include it.

The final step is for you to give your well-argued opinion on why you think the information you have found will give the company a competitive advantage or not. E.g. to be above the industry standard can differentiate the company in a positive way in terms of brand image and stakeholder acceptance and loyalty, however, it can also add ‘unnecesary’ costs that will set the company in a negative position relatively.
If some topics are not covered, e.g. workplace romance, and it doesn’t seem relevant in the industry, you don’t have to spend time on it in the presentation.