Ethics Paper

Ethics Paper (Individual): 75 points
Format: (1) a one-page cover sheet containing your name, section number, and a 100 word abstract; (2) 5 pages of text, could be longer if necessary; (3) a references list.
Typesetting Requirements: double space; Times New Roman12 point font
Write a paper setting out your thoughts and views on what it means to be an ethical professional. You may consider any or all of the following points:
•Upon becoming a CPA, what obligations are you undertaking and to whom are they owed?
•What values underlie your approach to professionalism and how will they be manifested in the practice of your profession.
•Is there a mentor in your life that helped you to develop these values?
•Or is there someone that you identify with and admire that embodies your ethical standards?
•What are the most important characteristics of the professional and by what standards have you determined those?
•As a professional, you have either seen or dealt with some dilemmas. Write up one ethical dilemma from your experience.
•What do you see for yourself as a professional in the next five years? Ten? Twenty?

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