Ethical Procurement and Corporate Responsibility

Using this website:

This assignment is to critique the business above that I have listed. Using that website you are to answer the following questions below critiquing the apl business. The format and how the paper needs to be writing are all listed below.

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Ethical Procurement and Corporate Responsibility
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When critiquing these companies, you should examine key aspects of their SC strategies. 

  1. Is there a clear Supply Chain Strategy? Walmart leverages its supply chain to help it achieve its business strategy as a “low cost producer” leader in the retail world.
  2. What is the Chain Network Design? How are they able to move products from plants to distribution centers effectively?
  3. Supply Chain Performance. A good measure is customer service, which is linked to profitability. Are your customers satisfied? ie. are products getting there on-time? what about service quality? delays, damaged goods etc…
  4. Supply Chain Cost. Think about cost increases associated with transportation, procurement, inventory and storage, waste, etc…Much of these issues can be addressed through effective cost streamlining measures.
  5. Supplier Performance. Building a strong relationship with your suppliers is key to achieving supply chain success.
  6. Ethical Procurement and Corporate Responsibility. Are your suppliers reputable? Any scandals etc…
  7. Inventory Management. Poorly management inventories can resolve in obsolescence, waste, etc.

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