Ethical Leadership

In ethical leadership, all decisions are rooted in equality and that which is the greatest good for the many. Although one may feel there is a clear preferential leadership style that will promote success for a leader working within the health care industry, really there is no one-size-fits all. While the servant leadership style often brings about the most positive culture, it does not always work well with a problem employee. In this situation, a more autocratic approach may be necessary to correct employee behaviors. Further, there may be times when small decisions important to team morale may benefit from a lack of involvement from their leader, where a laissez-faire approach sparks the greatest buy-in from followers. In sum, while one style may resonate the most with a new health care leader, it is essential that the leader remain agile, self-aware, people centered, and flexible to have the highest degree of success in their leadership journey.

A charismatic leader possesses a strongly held vision and is capable of encouraging followers to embrace the vision through a strong and desirable personality.

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Ethical Leadership
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