Essay you wrote a well-developed, analytical essay

For your previous paper, Essay, you wrote a well-developed, analytical essay in which you argued whether a particular television show has a positive or negative influence on its viewers. The Research Paper: For this paper, you will revise your previous essay, and you will strengthen and extend your argument. There are several ways that you can develop your essay into an argumentative research paper: Provide cultural, social, or political context of the TV show, genre, or issue that you are exploring Provide additional examples (other episodes, storylines, characters, spin-offs, or book adaptations) Provide support from additional outside sources Provide and explain counter-arguments from outside sources Rebut counter-arguments Provide solutions or recommendations Explain the larger ramifications of the program’s influence Requirements:  At least 8 pages (papers totaling less than 7 full pages will earn no credit). You have already written several pages for Essay 3–build off of that essay!  A compelling and relevant title  Introduction with hook and persuasive thesis statement  Body paragraphs with topic sentences, specific evidence, and nuanced analysis  Support from six outside sources (at least four of these sources must be scholarly—from the library or the library databases)  Explanation and rebuttal of other point of view  Sound logic (no logical fallacies)  Relevant and thought-provoking conclusion  Works Cited  MLA format