FINAL ASSIGNMENT:                                                                          

 For this Final Assignment, worth 60% of the final mark, the student must carry out the following work:

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Task Scenario for 2050

Every student must work on a personalized approach to a scenario which must be individual; two or more students cannot work together to produce identical analyses and conclusions.

Your task is to prepare an exploratory scenario for 2050 (cf: Living Planet Report 2018 pp 124- 125), taking into account the topics and issues covered during the course. Your Exploratory Scenario 2050 should:

  1. outline the current critical issues which will impact on human life and health in the decade beginning 2050
  2. be based on realistic expectations of goals and results arising from governmental, organizational and individual actions
  3. describe the potential outcomes of specific environmental strategies that are currently under consideration
  4. analyse the current and potential challenges that might hinder the implementation of such strategies
  5. summarise and conclude what new initiatives need to be taken at the three levels (governmental, organizational and individual)

You may decide on a minimum of two core issues/topics of your choice to cover in your scenario. Whilst your scenario can include any topics covered in the course, a good starting point is the Living Planet Report 2018.


For your answer, you must provide a logical analysis by drawing on cases and/or theories covered during this course and/or which you learned about through your independent study. Your answers must illustrate flow and progression of ideas through critical and independent thought. Any answer given by you that is identical to an answer given by another student will lead to a down-grade of the answer in question.




  • Wordcount: 1,500 words; Cover page, Table of Contents, Bibliography and Annexes are excluded of the total
  • Font: Arial 12
  • The in-text references and the bibliography have to be in the Harvard citation style. This includes also for graphic images, tables and photos taken from other

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