Environmental Science

Class activity on Earth’s seasons will be given.

  1. Why do we have seasons?
  1. Please explain the factors the determines the temperature changes of four seasons
  1. When is Earth closer to the Sun?


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4. Which are the reasons for the changing temperatures in the four seasons?

  • Angle at which sunlight strikes the surface
  • How long the sun shines on any latitude (daylight hours).
  • Distance to the Sun
  1. What is the reason that the sun’s angle changes?

What is the reason that the length of the day changes?

  1. What is insolation?

What is Solstice?

What is Equinox?

  1. What is austral summer?

What is boreal summer?

  1. What is the time of the year, from

Upper left; Upper right

Lower left; Lower right

  1. What month does this graph represent?
  1. What locations are a,b,c,d,e,f? Choices: North Pole (90 N); Arctic Circle (66.5 N); Midlatitude at 40 N;

Tropical of Cancer, 23.5 N; Tropic of Capricorn, 23.5 S; Equator, 0 degree

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