Environmental Awareness



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Environmental Awareness
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You will visit two different locations for this lab.  The first location can be any outdoor location you choose.  Location two will be your home or neighborhood.  Ideally you would want to compare locations that you frequently visit and it would be even better if they differed in their makeup such as urban vs. suburban or rural.  Answer the questions provided for each location.  After both visits are complete, move to activity three.  Here you will compare the two environments.



  1. 1. Where are you? What is the setting?




     What are the general ambient (background) weather conditions?



     Describe any feelings this environment may evoke?



REQUIREMENT: Submit a clear photo of Setting 1.  This ensures the lab was performed.  Credit will not be given if a picture is not submitted.


  1. 2. How windy is it? There are lots of ways to estimate wind speed but we’ll use a flag and trees.  If the flag occasionally

flips open & the outer end hangs lower, the wind is between 1 and 4 mph.  The flag will stir more noticeably between

4 and 8 mph.  Eight to 13 mph is a gentle breeze that moves tree branches.




  1. From which direction is the wind blowing?



  1. 4. Are there clouds? What kind of clouds do you think they are?  (see image below)




  1. Select a sloping area. In what direction is the ground sloping?




  1. 6. Does the degree of slope and the condition of the land rule out some land uses?


  1. In the nearest parking lot, look for the largest and oldest vehicles.

What is the oldest vehicle (make, model & year)?



What is the largest vehicle (make, model & year)?



Which of these two vehicles most likely consumes the most fuel?  How did you determine this?




Which of these vehicles pollutes the most?  How did you come to this conclusion?



  1. On the basis of your tour around the area, how many human-made devices did you see that might increase the

      population of wildlife or enhance the living conditions of wildlife (e.g., habitat, water, birdhouses, perches,

      wildlife cover)?