Environment Sustainability Leadership

Car manufacturers have significant positive impacts on the economy and the communities around them (SMMT, 2011). However, they also have adverse environmental effects resulting from car making, transportation and use (Cohen, 2012). The main environmental impacts occur after production (Mildenberger and Khare, 2000). However, pollution occurs even after the utilization and disposal of cars. Fossil fuels used during the useful life of vehicles are a major pollutant. The exhaust emissions carry harmful gasses such as carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, ozone and nitrogen oxides (Nunes & Bennet, 2011). During the production process, the primary pollutants are solid wastes, high-energy consumption, and Volcanic Organic Compounds. Irresponsible disposal after the end of use leads to soil contamination. As part of their Corporate Social Responsibility, UK automakers have to make environmental decisions and align them with their business goals. The Green Operations Strategy is a long-term, deliberate plan that focuses on……..

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