Entrepreneurship: Innovative idea and venture

Create your slides (no more than 10 slides of content) and include the following:
Introduction to your innovative idea and venture (1 slide – 1 minute)
Explain why your idea is a business opportunity (Chapter 5) (1 slide – 1 minute)
Explain how design tools were used to create your business idea. (Chapter 6) (2 slides – 2 minutes)

Describe how you developed your venture idea by discussing it with people in your potential target market (for example if your market is managers of international businesses you can discuss with local business managers of international businesses) (Chapter 6) (2 slides – 2 minutes)
Analyse and articulate your findings (2 slides – 2 minutes)
Describe your minimum viable product (Chapter 7) (1 slide – 1 minute)
Describe your Lean Marketing Canvas or Lean Marketing Plan (Chapter 8) (1 slide – 1 minute)
Create your presentation and consider how you might make this presentation appealing.

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Entrepreneurship: Innovative idea and venture
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