EMPLOYEE RETENTION: The issues in JC’s Casino

JC is a casino that is relatively doing well in the industry because, amid the employees’ issues, it still receives a good number of customers just like other casinos in the location. The main issue challenging the Casino is the high number of employees’ turnover. The high rate of employees’ turnover has been contributed by the fact that the management has not done enough to ensure that the workplace is favorable for the dealers and housekeepers working in the casino. Although the employees are well compensated when compared with employees of other local casinos in the surrounding, they still prefer leaving JC for its competitors. This clearly shows that the employees’ turnover problem is triggered by non-monetary factors.

There is also a communication problem because the human resource directors and the pit boss of the Casino do not agree on various issues. Although both are aware of the issues affecting the employees, the boss is unapproachable. The pit boss, Joe, is the step-son of the owner of the casino and the human resource manager, Tom Sneed is afraid to confront the boss. Joe exhibits an authoritarian kind of leadership based on the way he is described by the leaving employees as overbearing, evil and incompetent. The owner of the casino is concerned that the casino is finding it hard to retain housekeepers but he does not understand the main cause of the……….

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