EMPLOYEE RETENTION: Improving Overall Retention

Employees play a significant role in the performance of a business. Many businesses have realized the essential contribution of employees thus implementing talent management programs to boost the performance of their employees. Talent management goes beyond the hiring process to the establishment of measures to ensure that the employees are satisfied working in the organization. Lack of an effective talent management program is among the primary issues causing JC’s Casino to face a high employee turnover. In order to counter the issues, the human resource department will have to establish new strategies to boost employees’ satisfaction in the workplace.
This research paper examines the issues affecting JC’s casino as well as explains strategies that can be used by the management to counter the employees’ turnover and improve employees’ satisfaction.
The issues in JC’s Casino
JC is a casino that is relatively doing well in the industry because, amid the employees’ issues, it still receives a good number of customers just like other casinos in the location. The main issue challenging the Casino is the high number of employees’ turnover. The high rate of employees’ turnover has been contributed by the fact that the management has not done enough to ensure that the workplace is favorable for the dealers and housekeepers working in the casino. Although the employees are well compensated when compared with employees of other local casinos in the surrounding, they still prefer leaving JC for its competitors. This clearly shows that the employees’ turnover problem is triggered by non-monetary factors.
There is also a communication problem because the human resource directors and the pit boss of the Casino do not agree on various issues. Although both are aware of the issues affecting the employees, the boss is unapproachable. The pit boss, Joe, is the step-son of the owner of the casino and the human resource manager, Tom Sneed is afraid to confront the boss. Joe exhibits an authoritarian kind of leadership based on the way he is described by the leaving employees as overbearing, evil and incompetent. The owner of the casino is concerned that the casino is finding it hard to retain housekeepers but he does not understand the main cause of the problem. The communication problem facing the organization prevents the staffs in the organization from having open and honest communication that is vital for good relations.
According to Alkahtani (2015), employees’ turnover is contributed by both monetary and non-monetary factors. In the casino, the main cause is job dissatisfaction because of poor working conditions and other non-monetary factors. There is a bad relation between pit boss and the dealers and housekeepers and the management.
There are a number of people-focus strategies that employers can use to boost the level of employees’ retention in the workplace. According to Morris (2013), compensation can only boost retention rate by 10% percent. This is to show that 90% of employees’ decision to leave an organization is usually based on non-monetary factors. In addition to giving cash rewards and competitive wages, the human resource management should also focus on motivating their employees using other non-monetary benefits such freedom, better working environment, engagement in the workplace. Retention of employees in the workplace goes beyond the competitive wages. Organizations should have a powerful culture that should guide the operations of the organization. Organizational culture is important for helping the employees to behave in a particular way. JC casino has a very weak culture which leads to weak relations between the management and the employees. When hiring, the casino should look for employees who will easily familiarize with the culture of the organization (Mokaya et al 2008).
A compensation problem is only of the factors that can cause employees to decide to leave employment. However, there are other psychological factors or stressors in the workplace that mostly affects employees working in an organization where they are getting competitive wages. Examples of workplace stressors include subjecting the employees to strict and unrealistic deadlines, under recruitment thus unmanageable workloads and long working hours. In the CJ casino, the employees are stressed because they are working with a boss who does not understand how to relate with employees.
Alleviating workplace stressor requires a holistic approach from by both the employees and the management. The management should establish a program to help the employees relieve the psychological problems facing them. This can be put to effect by having an effective communication channel through which the management and the staffs can exchange their ideas. Additionally, the staffs should also have skills on how to counter stress in the workplace. Basically, the employees should be given opportunity to participate in the decision making process so that they can contribute their ideas in to the management. Stressors in the workplace can significantly be alleviated by establishing a work environment that promotes open and honest communication. Good relations marked with open and honest communication enables the employees to speak out the problems facing them (Shujaat & Alam 2013).
The dealers and housekeepers are not satisfied working in the casino because of the poor working conditions. Although the employees are awarded with competitive wages and high hourly rates, they are still not satisfied. Apart from awarding the employees with competitive wages, employers should also incorporate non-monetary awards in order to improve job satisfaction. High wages reduce dissatisfaction in the workplace while non-monetary benefits increase job satisfaction. The management of the casino should embrace non-monetary benefits such as engaging the employees in the decision making, acknowledging the contribution of the employees, providing them with good working conditions and providing them with job autonomy. To structure effective non-monetary benefits that will increase the satisfaction level of employees, it requires consulting the employees. The employer can get the ideas of the best non-monetary benefits by involving the employees in the decision making process. The human resource director should communicate to the pit boss and the owner of the casino on the root causes of the problems facing the employees in the casino.
One of the counterproductive behaviors exhibited by the employees at JC casino is absenteeism. Because the employees are not able to face the pit boss, they only opt to stay absent to avoid clashing with the boss. When the absenteeism tactic fails, the employees decide to leave the casino. Employees engage in counterproductive behaviors when they realize the organization is not solving the issues in the workplace. Therefore, in order to reduce counterproductive behaviors, the organization should have an effective strategy of dealing with the issues facing the employees. First and foremost, the organization should establish an effective communication channel through which employees can express the problems facing them in the workplace (Morris 2013). The organization should be very quick in identifying any counterproductive as it can significantly affect the performance of the business. For instance, the absenteeism of staffs in the casino leads to overworking of the present employees in addition to causing dissatisfaction of the customers because of the delays.
Organizations should ensure that the workplace is favorable for the employees to execute their duties efficiently. A workplace that is conducive can be achieved by having an effective talent management program. Talent management is important because it guides the management on recruiting the right people, positioning the employees and tackling various issues affecting the performance of the employees in the workplace. The JC casino is facing high employees’ turnover because of the failure of the management to deal with the issues facing the employees. Although the wages are competitive, the boss does not understand how to relate with the employees and the HR is subdued by his incompetence. The best strategy that can be embraced by JC casino is establishing an effective communication channel through which the employees can pass their complaints in addition to introducing programs to counter stressors in the workplace.

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