Employee Engagement

Review Questions: Chapter 1. The Measuring Stick

Instructions. Prior to reading Chapter 1, respond to the following questions in Worksheet 2A. Then read Chapter 1 and review the PowerPoint slides for Objective 2. Record the answer supported by the book or slides in Column 2. Write your explanation in Column 3.

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Employee Engagement
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1. A company’s financial success is more dependent on ___ than on ___.

a. incentive payments, employee talents b. employee talents, incentive payments

2. ___ is a greater cause of company failures than ___.

a. Inadequate metrics, low wages b. Low wages, inadequate metrics

3. Which of the following is the better example of “intellectual capital”?

a. proprietary data bases b. tribal knowledge

4. Effective leaders focus more on measuring ___ than ___.

a. numerous metrics, financial performance b. financial performance, numerous metrics

5. Employee responses to which of the following is of greater importance?

a. “I have a best friend at work.” b. “My promotional opportunities are great.”

6. Which of the following is more likely to correlate with company profitability?

a. Employees strongly agree with, “My company sells high-quality products.”

b. Employees strongly agree with, “I have the opportunity to do what I do best every day.”

7. Of the two, which is more highly correlated with an organization’s success?

a. Employees strongly agree with, “In the past seven days, I’ve received praise at work.”

b. Employees strongly agree with, “At work, my opinions seem to count.”

8. Which is the more likely reason why a high-performing employee might quit a company?

a. The employee was offered a much higher salary at another company.

b. The employee did not have a good relationship with the manager.

9. When employees are new, which is more important?

a. Ensure that they have the materials and equipment needed to do the work right.

b. A company mission that makes them feel like their job is important.

10. Which is more likely to result in highly satisfied employees at work?

a. Opportunities to earn good pay and be promoted.

b. The job fit between the employee’s abilities and the work itself.