Emissions Control

Emissions control is not the only issue that coal plants must contend with. The use of coal creates a number of byproducts (e.g. ash, slag, and sulfur) that must be processed and disposed of properly. Additionally, emissions equipment, such as wet scrubbers, also produces waste that must be addressed. Needless to say, the cost associated with disposal of these byproducts and wastes can be significant. Many power plants, however, have discovered they can recoup some of these costs through waste reutilization programs. Ultimately, waste reutilization offsets production costs and helps the environment by decreasing waste disposal.

Is self-deception ever justified? A University of California study found that patients awaiting surgery who deceived themselves about the seriousness of their condition suffered fewer postoperative complications. In a similar study, women with breast cancer who denied the seriousness of their condition were more likely to survive than those who resigned themselves to their fate. Discuss whether self-deception was justified in these cases and if it is compatible with critical thinking.

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Emissions Control
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