Emergency Management


How does emergency management learn from history?

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Emergency Management
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Emergency management can take past healthcare management experiences whether they have failed or succeeded and figure out what can be be improved for the next time around. One of the main factors of emergency management is to prepare for future events even though the likelihood of certain events may not happen but it’s good to to avoid any issues. An example of learning from history would be the horrific acts of 9/11. September 11, 2001 changed not only the world but the way emergency management deals with disasters. “These incidents caused the important issue of public health and hospital emergency preparedness to be examined more thoroughly. As a result, the public safety and public health communities have made domestic preparedness and medical counter terrorism a national priority for health care and public policy” (Reilly, 2010). 9/11 brought up the issues of the lack of funding on the healthcare systems infrastructure, healthcare reform, domestic preparedness and more.


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