Embarking on International Business from USA – major barriers to entry and considerations

Deciding to embark on expansion into international markets is a big, important, and potentially both risky and lucrative opportunity for a USA based business. What are the major barriers to entry and considerations in making such a decision? Discuss and justify your decisions.

Show that you have mastered the subject matter.

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Embarking on International Business from USA – major barriers to entry and considerations
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Make citations where you are quoting other’s work.

Write to me in at the same standard as if you were writing to the President or Board of Directors of your company.

Make sure that you have addressed at least 10 separate points for each question asked..

Do not provide me a mere list of points. Your answers need to be substantiated and arguments supported. Answer in complete sentences.

Answers should include, but by no means be limited to, discussion regarding the following: geopolitical factors; (ie. identify predominant political systems; identify relevant political events that could impact selection such as corruption; provide examples of locations, natural or infrastructure created resources etc.; identify relationships in the global community); socioeconomic factors (ie. identify salient cultural, religious, language issues and identifiers; identify key economic indicators; identify key health, workforce, and social indicators; identify logistical issues; identify key economic development issues such as IT infrastructure or other necessary infrastructure for your business. Provide analysis of the above in your answers.

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