Electric Charge

“Task” which gives me full explanation on how the lab report should be.

First you should watch a 8 minutes video which does the lab physically on the video. 

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Electric Charge
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Secondly you can download the images “LabManual1-4” and read them for the lab report.

Lastly this is how the paper should be. I need the report to follow the “task” image and the instructions I give below.

1) First page just cover

2) Second page will be the introduction, All you have to do for this page is to put the INTRO on the lab manual on your own words. DO NOT COPY AND PASTE

3) Third page will be similar to second page however you have to put the procedure section in the lab manual in your own words. DO NOT COPY AND PASTE

4) please follow the “task” image, the part about Data/Analysis

5) please follow the “task” image, the part about Conclusion