Election Fraud

The first eight (8) Congressional Committee hearings on the events of January 6th occurred JuneJuly 2022 and resumed in September with a final hearing. The hearing on day one provided a comprehensive overview of the committee’s findings and provided material evidence, video testimony and sworn depositions in support. By all accounts, the hearings were both gripping and highly rated, watched by more than 20 million (a low figure that does not account for streaming services among others)

. The investigation and hearings produced compelling testimony regarding claims of election fraud and what appears to be conspiratorial efforts to overturn the election. Given the significance of the event and the fact that you are now a student of American Government, it is essential to understand what transpired and why. It is guaranteed to rival, if not surpass Watergate in terms of implications for future elections, and our democracy itself.

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Election Fraud
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Note that most if not all individuals testifying were Republican government officials or party members coming forward to the bi-partisan committee. In that spirit, it is important that we also approach the task without considering party, but rather from an ‘American’ perspective. As you watch, suggestion is to take notes to answer questions ordered as seen on the tape, in your own words.

Warning, the video contains film footage of violence in select parts. If this is an issue for you, please let me know and I will generate another assignment.

QUESTIONS: 1. Chairman Bennie Thompson outlined a story about Lincoln. What did he convey and what was his intent in doing so? Answer in approximately 50 words

2. Former Attorney General William Barr, a Trump political appointee and staunch supporter, appears in a video clip at the beginning of the hearing. What is his message in approximately 2-3 sentences?

3. Who was Alex Cannon and what did he testify regarding the election fraud issue? Answer in approximately 50 words.

4. In terms of assertions of fraudulent voting machines, what did AG Barr say about the issue? Answer in approximately 2-3 sentences?

5. When appearing on a video, Ivanka Trumps conveyed what to investigators when under oath? Answer in 1-2 sentences.

6. What did Representative Liz Cheney lay out as possible illegal efforts by the president regarding the election and attempts to undermine the Department of Justice. Answer in approximately 150 words?

7. Who is Dr. John Eastman and what role did he play on January 6th, and in the overall election fraud scheme? Answer in approximately 75 words.

8. Explain the pressure campaign on Mike Pence. Answer in 50 words

9. Explain the pressure campaign on state legislators. Answer in approximately 75 words.

10. Explain what occurred of significance in the December 18, 2020 meeting in the White House with outside council. Answer in 2-3 sentences.

11. What did General Mark Milley convey in his sworn testimony? Answer in approximately 2-3 sentences.

12. Who are the Oath Keepers and Proud Boys, and how do they factor into Jan 6th? Answer in approximately 75 words

13. In the final ½ hour of the hearing, the recount by a female police officer and a documentary filmmaker who were both present that day outlined what of importance from your perspective? Answer in 75 words

14. What were your main takeaways, and or what surprised you in the video?