Elder Abuse

– Elder abuse can include physical, sexual, or emotional abuse, neglect, abandonment, or financial exploitation of an older adult. Information used in assessing for elder abuse can be obtained through client interview, interview with collateral informants, or through observation. As with child abuse, if elder abuse is suspected local and facility/agency protocols for responding and reporting should be followed. Possible signs of elder abuse include – Physical: unexplained injury, disheveled appearance, evidence of having been restrained, weight loss, poor hygiene,

bedsores, sexually transmitted disease – Psychological: depression, loneliness, suicidal ideation, anxiety, fear – Social: relationship conflicts between the older adult and his or her adult children, other family members, or caregiver;

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Elder Abuse
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social isolation or lack of contact with others outside the home – Spiritual: existential crisis, belief that God has abandoned him or her