Effects of a six-month walking intervention on depression in inactive post-menopausal women: a randomized controlled trial

Assignment: Critique of Research Study
The purpose of this assignment is for the student to:
Demonstrate their ability to perform a comprehensive statistical research critique
Demonstrate their ability to identify key principles of statistical inference
Demonstrate their ability to document a critique in an or

Student will conduct a literature search and identify a recent research article from a peer-reviewed journal that addresses an area of interest to the student
Student must review chosen article with professor for approval
Assignment is to be typed and presented in APA format with a cover sheet that includes the student’s name and assignment #
Students will complete and document a comprehensive statistical research critique utilizing the general guidelines outlined below.

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Effects of a six-month walking intervention on depression in inactive post-menopausal women: a randomized controlled trial
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Guidelines and Grading Criteria for Statistical Critique of Research Studies
Citation of the peer-reviewed research article addressed in this critique:
_____ Identification of research question, purpose and/or hypothesis (5pts)
1. Identify research question(s), purpose and/or hypothesis
_____ Identification of variables and measurement levels (10 pts)
2. Identify variables and measurement levels
_____ Identification of research design (2 pts)
3. Identify research design – experimental, quasi-experimental, non-experimental,
_____ Identification of measurement tools used and validity/reliability of tool (5 pts)
4. Identify measurement tools used and their validity and reliability
a. Does the validity information sufficiently describe the instrument’s validity?
b. Does the reliability information sufficiently describe the instrument’s reliability
_____ Identification and critique of descriptive statistics (10 pts)
5. Identify descriptive statistics used – frequency distributions, central tendency, variability
a. Do these statistics sufficiently describe the major characteristics of the researcher’s data set?
b. Were indices of both central tendency and variability provided in the report? If not, how does the absence of this information affect the reader’s understanding of the research variables?
c. Were the correct descriptive statistics used (e.g., was the median used when a mean would have been more appropriate)?
_____ Identification and critique of inferential statistics (10 pts)
6. Identify inferential statistics used – parametric, nonparametric
a. Was the selected statistical test appropriate, given the level of measurement of the variables?
b. Was a parametric test used? Does it appear the assumptions for the use of parametric tests were met?
c. If a nonparametric test was used, should a more powerful parametric procedure have been used instead?
d. Was a statistical test performed for each of the hypotheses or research questions?
e. If inferential statistics were not used, should they have been?
_____ Identification and critique of rationale for use of statistical tests (10 pts)
7. In general, does the report provide a rationale for the use of the selected statistical tests?
a. Does the report contain sufficient information for you to judge whether appropriate statistics were used? Explain your responses.
_____ Description and critique of results and conclusions (10 pts)
8. Describe results and conclusions.
a. Were the results of any statistical tests significant/non-significant? What do the tests tell you about the plausibility of the research hypotheses?
b. Was there an appropriate amount of statistical information reported? Were important analyses omitted, or were unimportant analyses included?
c. Are the findings and conclusions clearly and logically organized?
d. Is the researcher sufficiently objective in reporting the results?
_____ Description and critique of tables utilized in study (3 pts)
9. Were tables used judiciously to summarize of statistical information?
a. Are the tables clearly presented, with good titles and carefully labeled column headings?
b. Is the information presented in the text consistent with the information presented in the tables?
c. Is the information in the text and tables totally redundant or do the tables clarify the narrative?
_____ Description of the assumptions, interpretation, and limitations of statistical techniques utilized (10 pts)
10. Discuss the assumptions, interpretation and limitations of the statistical techniques used
_____ Implications for practice or scholarly inquiry (10 pts)
11. Discuss implications of the reported findings for evidence-based practice or scholarly inquiry
_____ Description and critique of researcher’s presentation and writing style (5 pts)
12. Evaluate overall researcher’s presentation and style of writing of the report
_____ Overall APA formatting (10 pts) e.g. grammar/spelling, organization (use of sub-headings), preparation, clarity, synthesis of study and presentation

13. Statistical critique will be presented on Research Day following separate guidelines

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