Effective leaders study

Effective leaders study and understand their company’s structure, culture, communications style, strategic vision and tactical plan, management approach, and all the other elements that determine an organization’s success or failure.

Each student will write a minimum 500-word paper (single-spaced) about their current or most recent employer, providing observations, analysis, insight and recommended improvements regarding any of the management topics discussed in class (e.g., organizational structure, management style, culture, communications style, decision making, power & influence, performance management, etc.).

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Effective leaders study
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Please write this paper as though you were an outside consultant presenting this information to your company’s board of directors (i.e., you can be candid and critical without having to worry about repercussions). Also, this paper will be seen and read only be me and will not be shared so I strongly encourage frankness in your analysis. Anecdotes and examples, along with references to the textbook and additional reading materials, will contribute to the paper’s strength.

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