Educational Essay

Educational Essay

How can one define a good “education”? What are the key ingredients? Is it a product of self- initiative, public policy, or a combination of both? Does education only take place in the classroom, or beyond? Should the church play a role in the process? Is literacy (the ability to read and write) the truest hallmark of an educated person, or should it be something else?

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Educational Essay
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With all that said, write and essay that answers this question:

What Does It Take to Be “Educated”?

Essay Criteria

At least five Full double-spaced pages of typed discussion, plus a works cited page.

First person narratives are permissible so long as you reference our readings to further your points.

Discuss at least three of our class readings in your essay; this includes Thirteen Senses as a possible source.

Consult the Files tab and then the Educational Essay Articles Folder. There are lots of articles on education there to view. Consider at least three that are interesting and use them in your essay

Here are some notes that I use in a physical class. They might help you generate issues to write about: Educational Essay Issues you might use

Please see Works Cited Example for Marriage, Educational, Cultural Identity Essay if you want to see an example of a works cited page for this essay.

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