Education: The Modern City Reinvented: A Conceptual Model for Sustainable Urban Form

First paragraph should have a thesis statement answering: Should Rifaat’s urban model be implemented globally? – Paragraphs should reflect the answers below: 1. What conversations about the city or models of the city does Rifaat’s article respond to? 2. What are the primary components of Rifaat’s model? Rifaat’s sentence below captures the model very efficiently: “The solutions for creating environments that can successfully deal with this massive urban expansion lie in an urban form defined by public transportation and high-density/mixed-use development overseen by a modern management system, combined with a focus on sustainability including close-in agriculture and food production” (9). 3. Does the model sound feasible? Could it be used in many places? 4. What do you think are the primary concerns of cities today in the face of rapid urbanization?