Education and Employment

• Education: For adults, the level of educational attainment should be determined. For children, a history should be determined of all schools attended and academic and social strengths and challenges. If the child is in special education, a copy of the child’s IEP or other documentation should be obtained. Both adult and child clients can provide subjective information on their experiences in the education system, both positive and negative


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Education and Employment
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• Employment: Assessment information should be gathered on the type, location, and duration of each job, along with reasons for leaving the position. Any gaps in employment should be explored. Information on wages and benefits can assist the social worker in identifying socioeconomic status and access to services. Subjective information from the client on his or her employment experiences, including relationships with coworkers and supervisors, overall job satisfaction, and employment goals, can assist the social worker in understanding the positive and negative aspects of the client’s employment experiences