Economics: Panel Data

You are asked to write a brief research essay employing quantitative methods. The coursework should include the following elements:

  • Introduction: Formulate and discuss a research question relevant to business practice which is suitable for quantitative analysis. Describe why the question you ask is relevant and interesting. Formulate one hypothesis that would need to be tested to answer your research question. The word limit of this section is 400 words.
  • Methods: Elaborate on the type of data you would collect, and outline how you would undertake sampling and data collection. Moreover, discuss what data analysis techniques you would use. Furthermore, highlight the limitations of your proposed methods. The word limit of this section is 800 words.

To write the two sections effectively, you might want to draw on:

  • Insights gained through materials on quantitative methods
  • Wider research using online resources

Good research proposals will have the following characteristics:

  • Good understanding of chosen topic and ability to develop a focused research approach to investigate it.
  • Evidence of further reading and thinking to support answers.
  • Critical reflection on usefulness of quantitative methods for answering a question relevant to business practice.
  • Concisely written. Cohesive meaning your discussion of the insights regarding methodology are an integral part of your assignment rather than generic discussions.
  • An appropriate structure, clear and engaging writing style, good spelling/grammar, proper Harvard referencing, adhering to the word limit.

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