Economics Essay: Report on Company

Report (2000 words)
– Written report should focus on key ideas with an associated journal article for each idea and a discussion of
which ideas are most important and why.
– The report should demonstrate a knowledge of theory and an appreciation of how to apply this theory to
real world problems.
– The report should be tightly argued with small steps of logic.
– Key Recommendations must be clear
– Harvard referencing is required
– The assignment should be written in report format. Suggested structure is as follows:
– I. Company Background and Product Description
– II. Target Market � describe their apparent target market
– III. Marketing strategy
– IV. Conclusion � Restate the most important points of your report.
– It should have a coherent structure, with a clear beginning, body and conclusion. Line spacing should be 1.5,
and sources of information used should be cited in the usual manner.

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