Economics: Business Plan

We newly released 3 new apps. We are doing instant home delivery of groceries, flowers, beer etc, within one hour and the concept is called Pick App. The online store is the main app (Pick App) where customers can order whatever they want, whenever they want. We have partnerships with multiple stores in Oslo selling their products in our plattform. The merchants also have a dashboard that allows them to add products, discounts and prices + accept or decline incoming orders. Third app is the delivery app. We have a team of delivery agents doing all the delivery from the stores to the customers. We are doing deliveries all day, and the amount of deliveries depends on supply and demand. The amount of home deliveries throughout the day will fluctuate, which brings me to the question: What type of fleet operating system would be the most efficient and optimal for this case? Think about cost per delivery, cost per hour, free floating delivery agents, service agreement with transport company, and other things that would be relevant

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