Economic Topic Related To Opportunity Cost

Research Paper On Current Event On Economic Topic Related To Opportunity Cost

Research an Economic Current Event on any economic topic preferably related to opportunity cost, or the decisions students make as they return to college. (otherwise you can use the economy, inflation, tariffs, taxes, etc.) and post it in this discussion forum.

  • The current event must be within the last 30 days.
  • Current events will be at least 3 paragraphs to receive full credit. Original post must be made by Midnight on Friday.
  • You must post substantial responses to a minimum of two peer’s posts.


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Economic Topic Related To Opportunity Cost
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The assignment will consist of

  • A summary of the article
  • How the article relates to the chapters we are studying.
  • Your personal view and opinion on the article or event.
  • How the topic or event impacts you.
  • Work Cite your information.
  • Responses to peer’s posts

NOTE: You must post your original post by Friday of each week and respond to at least two of your classmates posts by the due date. Discussion postings should include thought-provoking input and feedback designed to enhance communication from/with other participants. Original posts will typically be 3-4 paragraphs (300 words) and include citations from the book and the web. Responses need to be well thought out and substantive approximately 1 paragraph. Responses such as “I agree”, or “good thought” will not earn credit unless they are accompanied with discussion.

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