Economic Concepts, Graphical and/or Mathematical Representations

Learning Goal: I’m working on a economics multi-part question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.

Submissions will provide a critical analysis of the problem using economic concepts, graphical and/or mathematical representations and be 1 page, single spaced, 11 pt font, in length. Grading criteria will include an assessment of writing quality including logical support, grammar, spelling and form.

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Economic Concepts, Graphical and/or Mathematical Representations
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Naoko Ishii: An economic case for saving the planet.

Economic topics that could be related to the analysis:

Public Policy for Natural Resources

  • The Objectives of Public Policy
  • Types of Public Policies
  • Private Property Rights
  • Government-Sponsored Incentive Policies
  • Direct Controls
  • Direct Public Production
  • Market Failure/Government Failure
  • Policy Centralization/Decentralization

Principles of Impact Analysis

  • Cost-Effectiveness Analysis
  • Benefit-Cost Analysis

The Valuation of Natural Resources Measuring Benefits

  • Active (Use) Benefits
  • Nonuse (Passive) Benefits
  • Measuring Costs