Eating Disorder

You neet really expand, elaborate on each the questions.

1-Suppose you have a friend who, like Monica Seles, exhibited symptoms of binge eating disorder (BED) but who, unlike Monica Seles, had not sought treatment. Your friend asks you what she might expect, were she to seek psychological treatment for BED. What do you tell her about available types of treatment and their effectiveness?

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Eating Disorder
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2-Suppose that like media mogul Arianna Huffington, you don’t mind working round-the-clock for causes or projects about which you are passionate, and like her, you sometimes feel completely exhausted. Recently, even when exhausted, you’ve been having a lot of trouble falling asleep and if you wake up during the night, you have difficulty falling back to sleep. You mention this to a friend, who suggests you consider psychological treatment. If you follow through on your friend’s suggestions, what type of psychological treatments might you encounter? How effective are those treatments?

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