Early Childhood Development Observation

Directions:  Revisit the information and concepts from Chapters 4 – 6 and 7 – 8 that cover information regarding the development of infants and young children.   Having this information as background, you will now:

  1. Find a location to easily observe children in the preschool to early childhood range; (chronological age 2 – 6 years) where they may be playing, interacting with other children and/or siblings or adults. You should observe for 15 – 20 min. to try and gain as much data as possible about the child’s skills and interactions with others.
  2. Use the 2 observation tools provided to you on D2L, i.e. Pediatric Movement & Development and Pediatric Socioemotional & Play Development – as your data recording sheets. Try and note as many of these skills/behaviors as you can during the 15 – 20 min. observation period.
  3. To compose your assignment, first describe the child you observed (gender, approximate age, general features, size, etc.) and the context or location in which your observation occurred. Then, use the information you gathered through the observation data sheets and your own additional comments to address the prompts listed below in item 4.
  4. Prompts –
  • What evidence of early development in each of the main developmental areas (physical, cognitive, socioemotional) did you observe with this child?
  • What supports (human or equipment-based) did you observe playing a part in this child’s interactions?
  • What environmental factors influenced, e.g. facilitated or limited the child’s interactions?
  • Describe any barriers or challenges that you observed that may have influenced the child’s interactions or skills, e.g. footwear, fear, observable disability, etc.
  • What type of play or developmental support/interactions would be useful in facilitating this child’s development, e.g. playing with older children, on different equipment, verbal encouragement, etc.?
  1. This assignment is due on Friday 2.15.19– no late assignments are accepted. To meet this deadline, word process and prepare a 1 ½ – 2 page, single spaced, 12 font, standard margins paper.  Please use a professional writing using, e.g. using topic sentences for each paragraph, complete sentences and avoiding contractions, like don’t or didn’t. You may want a friend or classmate to proof or edit your paper as you prepare your final draft.


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Early Childhood Development Observation
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  1. The grading rubric for this assignment is included here:


All content required from the observation sheets is included/referenced within the paper = 10 pts.

All prompts for this assignment are addressed within the paper = 15 pts.

Written mechanics and paper requirements are followed = 5 pts.

Total = 30 pts.

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