drug and/or alcohol abusing adolescent

drug and/or alcohol abusing adolescentOrder Description
Assignment 3: Create a case example of a drug and/or alcohol abusing adolescent with a substantial arrest record (i.e., has been arrested 2 or more times). Identify the adolescent’s cultural background with regard to socioeconomic status, gender, race, and ethnicity, presence of disability, and familial involvement and relationships. Also, identify co-morbid mental disorders commonly present along with substance abuse.
The family should be identified as uninvolved and/or resistant to treatment. Identify the appropriate services and recommendations for this adolescent/family while considering the following: cultural variables, family involvement, the adolescent’s bio-psychosocial history (including legal involvement), and current cognitive, physical, social/emotional difficulties and/or limitations. The paper must be 3-4 pages in length and reflect the information covered in the presentation.

This is the grading scale below. Please make sure that you follow this to the T. I need every point.
Case history is detailed and includes the above mentioned factors _____/10
Analysis is thorough and presented in a scholarly manner _____/10
Recommendations are sound and reflect consideration of family and cultural background _____/10

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drug and/or alcohol abusing adolescent
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