Draw box plots and histograms for the data for each variable

Please explore these internet sources and download data for two quantitative variables from the same site which you think have an association with each other, eg., if you would like to work with nutrition data you can find an association between fat content and calories sold by a food chain, or, if you would like to work with sports data you could find an association between no. of touchdowns and no. of games played by a NFL player, and so on. 

The sample size must be at least 40. This means that you would need to download for at least 40 sandwiches or 40 players, etc.

When you download the data for the two quantitative variables for your project, please do an individual analysis of each quantitative variable. Find all the numerical summaries, such as mean, standard deviation, five-number summary. Draw box plots and histograms for the data for each variable. Discuss these numbers and graphs. Then finally, do a scatter diagram as in Section 2.4.  Follow that.