Draft Essay

For this Essay, write a well-organized essay responding to the following:

Tell me about your worst class. Tell me about your best class.

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Draft Essay
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Compare the two experiences.


Your essay should include the following required elements:

An introduction with a thesis statement, supporting paragraphs with topic sentences, a conclusion, and citations and references if you use any outside source.

Before you turn in your Draft Essay, consider the following evaluation criteria:

500 word min required.

Have you developed a clear thesis?
Do you discuss your worst class? Do you discuss your best class?
Do you compare the two experiences and analyze what factors made a difference?
Do you include detailed examples to explain and support your claims?
Do you explain your ideas enough?
Do your paragraphs focus on good or bad qualities in a unified way?
Do your paragraphs follow a clear order that is easy to follow?
Is the essay complete?