Disposal of Waste Proper

Disposal of Waste Proper disposal and storage of garbage waste prevent the spread of disease, odors, and problems with pests. Disposable items (diapers, gloves, paper towels, and facial tissues) should be thrown away immediately in an appropriate container. Make sure the container is water and rodent-proof, operated with a foot pedal, is lined with a plastic bag, within reach of diaper changing area, handwashing sink, and food preparation areas, out-of-reach of and unable to be knocked over by infants and toddlers. The containers should be emptied, cleaned, and sanitized daily.

Diaper Changing Diaper changing areas should be smooth and nonporous (such as a plastic-covered pad), have a raised edge to prevent children from falling, be near a sink, be out of reach from children, and away from food preparation areas.34 The following diaper changing procedure should be posted in the changing area and followed to protect the health and safety of children and staff:

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Disposal of Waste Proper
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Step 1: Before bringing the child to the diaper changing area, perform hand hygiene (including putting on gloves, if using) and bring supplies to the diaper changing area, and place a disposable liner on the changing area

Step 2: Carry/bring the child to the changing table/surface, keeping soiled clothing away from you and any surfaces you cannot easily clean and sanitize after the change. Always keep a hand on the child. Step 3: Remove the soiled diaper and clothing without contaminating any surface not already in contact with stool or urine. Put soiled diaper in covered waste container. Put any soiled clothing in a plastic bag that is securely closed to give to family. Step 4: Clean the child’s diaper area with disposable wipes and place soiled wipes into a covered waste container. Step 5: Removed the disposable liner and gloves and place in waste container Step 6: Use facial tissue to apply any creams or ointments. Slide clean diaper under the child and fasten it and dress the child. Step 6: Wash the child’s hands and return the child to a supervised area. Step 7: Clean and disinfect the diaper-changing surface and any equipment or supplies that were touched (and any other area child soiled before changed). Step 8: Perform hand hygiene and record the diaper change, diaper contents, and/or any problems.