Discussion Art Film

1. Choose a film from the Required Readings & Resources list for Week 3  and respond (written, video, et al) about its aesthetics. What are the aesthetics of the film?  How was it made? Explore through additional research and provide at least one External link.


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Discussion Art Film
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2. Choose one idea or set of ideas from Lecture Slides for Week 3 – and respond. (written response or video, ok) For instance, ‘persistence of vision’, scientific photography, Thomas Eakins and movement, etc. Explore through additional research and provide at least one External link.


(Required) Watch Dziga Vertov’s Man with a Movie Camera in its entirety. (Approx 1 hour) Note: This version has music added later from the Cinematic Orchestra as sound track, but the original film was silent.

link: https://vimeo.com/143512746

Required: (You may respond with a posted writing, stills, video…)

  • Name 2 – 3   main themes of the film.  (You may want to do a little research and that’s fine!)
  • Read Manovich’s prologue (see Required Readings). Which editing techniques or film practices does Manovich discuss?  e.g. temporal montage.
  • Give examples of each technique and where used by Vertov. Please include screen grabs or stills as needed)
  • How does Vertov’s editing help him to form a narrative about the man and his camera?
  • Ask a question of your classmates about this film or type of filmmaking and how it relates to other ideas we have been talking about in Class or in any of your other knowledge pursuits.
  • Finally, how new was *cinema* by 1914 and in which countries?

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