Discuss the similarities and differences of the eastern and western Roman Empires.

your have to loke for zlibrery at google and they have the book in there the book name is Western Civilization – Volume One to 1715- Jackson Spielvogel the color of book is green . and the page is free you don’t have to paid any amount.

Directions: Select one topic. All papers must be at least four to five pages in length with citations and a Works Cited Page. All papers must be typed double spaced and be stapled. Please do not use Encyclopedias, Wikipedia, Regents Review books or Spark notes. Papers that do not contain citations and a Works Cited Page will receive a grade of “F”. Students who do not follow the MLA format will begin with a grade of C+. If pages of the report are not numbered, students will begin with a grade of B+.

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Discuss the similarities and differences of the eastern and western Roman Empires.
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Discuss the similarities and differences of the eastern and western Roman Empires.

Discuss the causes of war between Athens and Sparta. Why was Pericles not able to prevent war between Athens and Sparta?

Compare the reasons for the decline of the Western Roman Empire with the Han dynasty in China.

Discuss the contributions of the Mediterranean Civilizations to modern society. – architecture in modern churches, schools and government buildings.

Discuss how the Carolingian dynasty of the Franks ruling in France, Germany and Belgium grew stronger during the 8th century.

Discuss how the Catholic Church went through several periods of decline and renewal during the Middle Ages.

Compare feudalism in medieval Europe with feudalism in medieval Japan.

Discuss how literature and music reflected religious interests during the Middle Ages.

Discuss how Scholasticism (dominant medieval philosophical approach) used logic to resolve theological issues.

Discuss the causes and results of the Hundred Years’ war between England and France.

Discuss how William the Conqueror (invaded England from Normandy in 1066) established a tight feudal system and centralized monarchy in England.

Discuss how the Capetian Kings (French dynasty) developed a strong feudal monarchy during the 10th century in France.

Discuss ways in which the Middle Ages carried on the cultures of ancient Mediterranean civilizations.

Discuss how the Hanseatic League of north German and Scandinavian cities established a commercial alliance.

Discuss how the Magna Carta signed by King John of England in 1215 confirmed feudal rights against monarchical claims.

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