Discuss the dilemma of Becky and her sons

You can choose ONE of the following prompts or you can create one on your own depending on your choice of assignment. This essay will be 4-5 pages, MLA formatted with a readable font. MAKE SURE YOU USE MLA DOCUMENTATION BY USING IN-TEXT CITATIONS AND DO A WORKS CITED PAGE.

  1. In Jean Toomer’s essay “Becky”, there were many themes and devices used to discuss the dilemma of Becky and her sons. Explore some of the themes and devices that are found in the short story, and using your response, discuss those themes and devices in your essay.

Please include:

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Discuss the dilemma of Becky and her sons
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  • An structured Essay with an introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion,
    • A Thesis Statement
    • MLA formatted citations from the literary work of your choice
    • Clear syntax and an essay relatively free of grammatical errors

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