Discuss How Public Health Responds To The Social Determinants of Public Health

  • Discuss how public health responds to the social determinants of public health.
  • Explain the relationship between the social and behavioral sciences and public health.
  • Infer how the social determinants impacts public health efforts.

Course outcome(s) assessed in this Assignment:

PU120-2: Describe the impact public health informatics and communications has upon the social determinants of population health.

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Discuss How Public Health Responds To The Social Determinants of Public Health
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GEL-4.02 Distinguish among different theoretical perspectives in the social sciences.




Public health officials use a variety of methods to collect demographic, cultural/ethnic, and health data in an effort to develop and implement effective programs to improve health outcomes. What may be a major health concern for African Americans living in New York City may not pose a health threat for Hispanics living in Houston, Texas. Likewise, citizens living in an inner city or disadvantaged community may be facing serious health concerns that pose no issue for those living in middle and upper class neighborhoods within the same city. Therefore, public health officials must use every tool available to them to determine not only what the public health concerns are, but where they exist and who are most affected.

  • Develop slide presentation that has a minimum of 10 slides (not including the title and reference slides) with detailed speaker notes that addresses the following questions:
    • Describe how public health officials collect data. ○ How do public health officials (locally, statewide and/or federally) compile the data that is gathered?
    • How do public health officials disseminate this data to both the public and healthcare agencies?
    • What effects does human culture have on how the information is perceived by the public?
    • How does culture positively or negatively affect the perception and use of the health information provided to the public at large? How can public health data be used at all levels of government (local, state and federal) to positively impact the social determinants of population health?

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