Discuss diagnostic techniques and business applications

Objective: Discuss diagnostic techniques and business applications.

In this discussion we will be talking about a number of diagnostic tools that we have seen in use in our own businesses along with additional options that exist in today’s marketplace.

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Discuss diagnostic techniques and business applications
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For organizations that use business analytics, a wide range of analytical tools exists. The organization must choose a diagnostic technique that aligns well with the purpose for the analysis or the type of data collected.

  • Read The 18 best analytics tools every business manager should know. Forbes.
  • In this discussion, select one of the diagnostic techniques available (avoid using a technique previously discussed by a class member if possible).
    • Briefly describe the diagnostic approach.
    • Explain where this approach would be beneficial and why.
    • Include an example of how you have seen this diagnostic approach used in an organization you are familiar with or one you have researched.

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