• Equal pay refers to the fact that people should be paid the same amount for performing the same type of

work, even if the job title is different.

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• The newest addition to EEOC law prohibits discrimination based on genetic information, such as a history

of cancer in a family.

• Unfavorable treatment of people because they are from a particular country or part of the world or have

an accent is covered by the EEOC. An organization cannot require people to speak English, unless it is a

requirement for the job or needed for safety and efficient operation of the organization.

• Women can’t be discriminated against because they are pregnant. The inability to perform certain tasks

due to pregnancy should be treated as a temporary disability; accommodation can be in the form of

modified tasks or alternative assignments.

• The EEOC protects people from discrimination based on their race or color.

• Religion is also an aspect of the EEOC family of laws. The protection of religion doesn’t allow for

discrimination; accommodations include modifications of work schedules or dress to be made for

religious reasons.

• Discrimination on the basis of sex is illegal and covered by the EEOC. Sexual harassment is also covered by

the EEOC and states that all people, regardless of sex, should work in a harassment-free environment.

• Retaliation is also illegal. An organization cannot retaliate against anyone who has filed a complaint with

the EEOC or a discrimination lawsuit.