Disabilities Act

1. How did the Americans with Disabilities Act impact society the most and more specifically, people with disabilities? (One paragraph)

2. What current (within the last 2 years) legislation has been passed in the United States that would impact individuals with disabilities?  (One paragraph)

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Disabilities Act
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a. Explain Good or bad

3. For the country that you chose from the Disability Rights Education and Defense Fund-International Laws documents) (Three paragraphs)

a. Provide a general overview of disability rights for your chosen country.(One paragraph)

b. Discuss how the country compares to different areas you have read about and watched throughout the semester concerning the Americans with Disabilities Act (i.e. compare the ADA titles; Americans with Disabilities Act) and compare this to similar titles/content from the law(s) for your chosen country).(One paragraph)

c. How do you feel the country compares historically (are they ahead or behind the US and how)? (One paragraph)

4. Describe what accomplishments society has made (across the world- inside and outside the USA) in overcoming barriers (attitudinal as well as architectural) for the rights of people with disabilities and on inclusion in general. (One paragraph)

a. On a global scale, what do you feel we still have yet to do?

5. What role does recreation and sport services have in helping society (the USA and the world) overcome such barriers in the future and enhancing the rights, independence, and inclusion for people with disabilities around the world?(One paragraph)

6. Locate at least two accessible recreation sites in your selected country. (One paragraph)

a. Provide an overview of the sites and what they offer.

b. Obtain pictures of the location.

7. What specific law would you enact in your selected country to help increase tourism and why? (One paragraph)