Digital storytelling project

Select a topic for the digital storytelling project that is connected to the subject area you teach. (English as a  Second Language)

Select a digital tool and evaluate the tool with the Triple E Apps and Websites rubric: Your goal is to identify a digital tool with average or exceptional potential on the rating. Also consider the appropriateness for the digital storytelling project and the grade level of your students.

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Digital storytelling project
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Describe your diverse students with information about their age, English language proficiency levels, and cultural backgrounds.

Identify the unit objectives aligned with the content area, WIDA, and ISTE standards.

Outline how you plan to guide your students through the process with a daily summary (refer to How-to Structure a Long-Term Project: for ideas). Make sure to create the outline with evidence of setting achievable goals for students, students progressively taking more responsibilities, and climbing the Bloom’s taxonomy to practice higher order thinking skills.

Use course materials to explain how you apply culturally responsive teaching pedagogy in the project design and implementation to create authentic learning experience for your students.

Use course materials to explain how you support diverse students through effective instructional strategies.

Explain the assessment you use to collect evidence on how the digital storytelling project boosts diverse students’ language acquisition and content learning.

Implement the digital storytelling project in your classroom if possible, or share the project with a teacher colleague for feedback. Reflect on what goes well and what can be changed/enhanced.

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